Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer Travel: {Trip to Greece}

Wow, it's been quite the summer. Planes, trains & automobiles, oh and working full time in between. So I've taken a summer vacation from blogging, I guess! But I didn't come up empty handed, there are some pretty pictures to tell exactly what I've been up to including an amazing trip to Greece. Going through these makes me want to go back, and the great thing about pictures is they can take you right back to the moments.

Without further adieu, I'll let the pictures do all the explaining. . .

First night in Athens

Touring the ruins - It was a scorcher to say the least!

Ancient stadium - my family would love this!

The Emperor & Empress' seats!

Thinking he's a Greek god. . .?

Arrived in Naxos!
15th century fortress

Little white chapels everywhere!
We got 'lost' & found this tiny little village Lionas that turned out to be our favorite!

Greek salad with fresh feta made by the sweet grandfather of the owner

Getting lost walking through this charming little village

Kite surfing on the south beaches

Last night on Naxos dinner on the beach
Off to Mykonos for our last day

Farewell Greece!
To sum up our trip to Greece in just a few words: fascinating history, beautiful colors, stunning scenery, delicious food and warm hospitality. Overall, an amazing but too short trip! Naxos was beautiful and less 'touristy' than most islands. It has everything; beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, quaint little towns with plenty of history and even water sports if you like that too.

If you are planning to travel to Greece at some point, I would recommend doing one full day in Athens (we did two and felt that we'd seen most everything in one day, and it was uncomfortably hot - in August at least). Next time we go back we want to go to Santorini!

Herete! (be happy in Greek)

Fall Fashion post coming soon. . .

Tata for now!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

7 Things I'm Obsessed with Lately

Every season, sometimes even every few weeks I get obsessed with certain things; an item or type of food, beauty, fashion, books, TV shows etc. The obsession usually fades, but sometimes it becomes classic or an everlasting love.
These are the 7 Things I'm Obsessed with Lately:

1. Beauty: {NARS Heatwave Semi-Matte Lipstick}

Coral (particularly a red hued coral) has been a staple lip color for me in the last few years, and is slowly moving to the classic category. . .

This ain't your grandma's coral (though I do have a color that reminds me of my grandma's coral lipstick :)), it has an orange red tint that is so hot right now. .ahem (heatwave):

2. Fashion: {Plain White Tee} but the right Tee

Recently, I found the perfect Plain White Tee at a boutique down the street to replace a beloved one which was getting holier than swiss cheese. It's v-neck, loose and uber soft! it's the simplest wardrobe staple, which makes it the best sometimes. Dress it up for day-to-night and wear it as a weekend staple with jeans.

The other day I paired it with some leather shorts AKA lorts (hey, why not?!) and a blazer for a casual yet polished work outfit (Ok my work is probably more relaxed than yours). I could throw on some heels and it would work for a night on the town, too. 

3. Food: {Radishes} 

Don't laugh, I didn't say it wasn't an eclectic list! But seriously, these crunchy little red nuggets are still in season and have been making an appearance in my lunch, snacks and everything in between lately. I wouldn't normally buy them, but they came in my Farm Fresh to You delivery about a month ago but have been hooked ever since.

My favorite way to eat them as of late is on a toasted slice of sprouted grain bread, avocado spread on top, then thinly sliced radishes, a little salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. . . delish! I've also been dipping them into homemade chickpea hummus smashed with avocado.

  4.  Drink: {Sparkling Rosé}
This certainly makes the classic list as well, however, lately I've had a particular obsession with it. Crisp and bubbly and just a bit sweet. . . it's the perfect summer wine! Also, it's a pretty color which always adds to the appeal for me!

Here we are drinking it at Bolina's Beach a few weeks ago. We found an excellent bottle at Trader Joe's of course for under $10: Incanto Rosé Frizzante, highly recommend!

  5. Travel & Culture: {Lists} Bucket in particular. . .

French hubby and I definitely consider ourselves travel junkies, whether it be across the globe, or an hour-away road trip. We live in the perfect place to explore, in fact, there's so much to do in the Bay Area we had to have some kind of list. My cute sister in law, from the blog Blue Eyed Life, found this awesome 'Bay Area Bucket List' that we've printed out and are aiming to check one thing off per weekend. We've also taken some of the items off and added a few as well. I've also made a list of all the amazing (cheap, fancy and everything in between) restaurants that we like to try one per week, usually Friday nights. 

Today we went to Point Reyes & checked that off the list!
A few pics from this beautiful place, just an hour away from the city:

 6.Gardens: {San Francisco Flora & Fauna}

My friends who are long-time SF residents laugh because when we go on walks in the city, I tend to stop at every flowering tree, rose bush or interesting plant and smell, touch and try and identify it! I can't get enough of all the beautiful and interesting plants and flowers we're lucky enough to be surrounded by. I'm still in awe everyday that I live in such a beautiful place. . . it's the little thing sometimes! Unrelated yet related, I recently purchased a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant for our house, and though not native to SF, I thought I'd show a pic of it as well since I'm obsessed with it (and treat it like a child. . it needs TLC!) too!

7. Decor: {Balancing Feminine & Masculine}

French hubby has a real opinion on décor, which sounds great right? Sometimes. . . though we have similar taste, we definitely have our differing opinions, especially if something is too girly or too manly. Of course, as with a relationship, you have to compromise, and for me it means balancing the feminine and masculine in a home. We've got a ways to go in our new place since I think the Mission style with the dark wood is naturally masculine, but we'll get there! I have my eye on some nice sand colored wing back chairs to feminize the room a bit as well as these really cool mirrors for the archways. Also, fresh flowers always add a touch of femininity to any room. Here's a look at our place currently:

How do you balance the décor in your home? Or does your Significant Other let you take reigns on decorating? Sometimes I wish my hubby didn't care so much. . but I do love a good challenge.

What are you obsessed with lately?

More to come and lots of time & posts to make up for!

Tata for now!